Get up to £314 towards an iPad by recycling your old iPad!

Want the new iPad 3? Why not recycle your old iPad and get up to £314 towards it!

Recycle your iPad

Recycle your iPad - Get up to £314

Today’s launch of the iPad 3 has convinced many a gadget fan to splash the cash on Apple’s new iPad. If you’re a huge gadget fan like the team at Recycle Your Gadget you’ll probably be tempted by the iPad 3’s new ‘retina’ display, the promise of 4G mobile network access and the new faster processor.

But what what if you already have an iPad 2 or iPad 1? Good news. If you compare the best gadget recycling prices in the UK you can get up to £314 in cash for trading in your old iPad covering as much as 75% of the cost of an iPad 3! will help you compare thousands of recycling deals in seconds from all the UK’s top recycling sites to help you get the most cash for recycling your iPad.

Much like mobile phone recycling, all you need to do is compare recycling prices using our very simple to use tool, complete the form on the recycling company’s website and then send in your iPad or iPad 2. Within days you’ll have cash in your bank account ready for you to spend on iPad 3… or anything else you’d like to spend it on!