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Want to recycle your sat nav? A few recycling companies have started to offer cash for your old sat nav so there’s no need to throw it away or leave it sitting in a draw somewhere.

How do I make sure I get the best price for recycling my Sat Nav?

To compare Sat Nav recycling prices from the UK’s major recycling companies simply use our free and impartial Sat Nav recycling price comparison tool below:


  • Select the brand of your Sat Nav – e.g. Tom Tom, Garmin
  • Choose the model of your Sat Nav – e.g. Garmin Nuvi 1410
  • Click on ‘Compare Recycling Prices’ and a price comparison table will appear, showing you the best Sat Nav recycling prices on offer. Easy!

(Tip: if you don’t know the exact model of your Sat Nav try selecting a couple of different models and you’ll see a photo of the Sat Nav to compare against)

Who recycles Sat Nav?

At the moment Sat Nav Recycling is still relatively new. We expect more companies to appear over time but below are the current ones.

Boots RecycleBoots recycle Sat Nav units from Garmin, Tom Tom, Navman, Navigon, Binatone and Becker

O2 RecycleO2 Recycle recycle Sat Navs from Becker, Garmin, Navman, Tom Tom and Navigon.

So what are your experiences of Sat Nav recycling? Good or Bad? Or do you know of another recycling company that takes Sat Navs? Either way please add a comment below…

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8 thoughts on “Recycle Sat Nav

  1. I have Binatone B350 Sat Nav and also Olympus Camedia C-720 camera and Fujifilm 4800z and A304 – also SLR camera (35MM) – would you be interested in these please otherwise I will throw them away.

    Please let me know.


  2. Hi Debbie

    First off I need to point out that we are not a recycling company. We simply help you find the recycling company that will give you the best price for your gadget. I’m sorry if this isn’t clear enough and we will address this as part of the redesign of the site.

    I’ve had a look around various recycling companies and I’m afraid I can’t find anyone who recycles the gadgets you mention except for the Olympus camera you mentioned – but they weren’t offering to pay any money. This company was Simply Drop.

    Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone offering cash for your gadgets but please don’t just throw them away! It’s very bad for the environment. Many charity shops will take any gadget off your hands and they can get it safely recycled as well as potentially earn some money for their cause.

    Thanks for enquiring and please do ask if you have any more questions.


  3. Hi there, I am trying to find out if there is anywhere that i can recycle Trafficmaster Smartnav system, wondered if you were abe to help at all =)

  4. Hi Corinne

    I can’t find anyone who offers to recycle the Trafficmaster Smartnav at the moment. I would stick it on eBay and see how much you can get on there! Same for the bluetooth headsets. I think they’d be virtually worthless for recycling anyhow.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


  5. I have a Garmin Street Pilot 3, any ideas where I can recycle it please ?

  6. Hello there. My girlfriend has a broken satnav which she would like to get rid off, but we both think that a recycling point for gadgets would be a good idea. Where can we find a place to drop the satnav? The device is not working at all..

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