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Recently upgraded to a new iPod? Want to make some cash out of your old one?

Recycle Your iPod

The iPod has been around for nearly a decade now believe it or not!  I’m already onto my third iPod (an iPod Nano), or sixth if you include my three iPhones to date!

You could bin it but that’s terrible for the environment. Apple roll out new ranges of iPod’s with new features, more memory, bigger displays making it hard not to upgrade every couple of years. So what do you do with your old iPod?

You could sell your old iPod on eBay, but that’s a pain with all the questions, fake bidders and worries about it breaking post sale. The simplest option is to recycle your iPod.

Many of the phone recycling companies are now recycling ipods and other gadgets, so you can be even kinder to the world whilst getting some cash in your pocket!

How do I make sure I get the best price for recycling my iPod?

To compare iPod recycling prices from the UK’s major recycling companies simply use our free and impartial iPod recycling price comparison tool below:


  • Select Apple as the brand
  • Choose the model of your iPod including the memory size and generation  – e.g. iPod Touch 32GB 2nd Generation, iPod Shuffle 1GB 2nd Generation
  • Click on ‘Compare Recycling Prices’ and a price comparison table will appear, showing you the best iPod recycling prices on offer. Easy!

(Tip: if you don’t know the generation of your iPod try selecting a couple of different models and you’ll see a photo of the iPod to compare against)

iPod Recycling Tips

    • The price you get for your iPod depends on whether it is working or not – be honest with your quote to ensure you do not have any problems further down the line.
    • Loads of recycling companies recycle iPods – make sure you compare recycling prices to get the best deal!
    • Don’t procrastinate! iPod recycling prices fall over time as the product becomes more out of date and new iPods are launched so the longer you wait the less you’ll earn.

iPod Recycling Companies

Royal Mail Simply DropRoyal Mail Simply Drop have the widest range of MP3 brands and iPods.  They will recycle MP3 players from Apple, Archos, Creative, Dell, iltronics, iRiver, Philips, Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, Trekstor and Zen!
MopayMopay offer between £2.50 and £60 in either cash or vouchers on working or non-working ipods. The products range from ipod classic; classic video; ipod mini; ipod nano; ipod shuffle; ipod touch – all of various generations.

Money 4 Ur Mobile Money 4 Ur Mobile take both working and non working ipods, with non working/damaged making up to 90% of the full value. They will accept ipod classic, classic video, nano and touch.

Mobile Cash MonsterMobile Cash Monster offers at a glance prices on your old ipod, with up to 90% of the full value if damaged. They will accept ipod classic, classic video, nano and touch.

O2 RecycleO2 Recycle will pay you to recycle your iPod Touch, iPod Classic and iPod Nano

O2 Recycle - iPod Recycling

iPod Recycling UKOffer at least £10 for iPods in working or part working order.  They don’t offer anything for ipod shuffles or water damaged ipods. Include any known faults with your parcel.
Recycle My MobileWill take your iPod, and advise recorded delivery to ensure it reaches them. They accept Classic, Classic Video and Nano, but not all generations.
TicketMaster MobileOffers something a bit different – trade in your ipod for a ticketmaster gift card. This can be used for part of full payment of event tickets. They will accept ipod classic, classic video, nano and touch.
Gadgets 4 EveryoneSpecialises in iPod recycling and has published a very handy grading guide (good, fair, poor, broken) to help you complete their sale form. They will accept Classic, Classic Video, Nano, Shuffle, Mini, and Touch.

Do you have any questions about iPod recycling?  Let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll do our best to help.

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  1. What is the best way to re-cycle my 2nd generation 20GB iPod Classic, other than hitting it with a sledge hammer?

  2. A sledge hammer might be a bit extreme, but I’m afraid it’s not worth very much these days. It might be a collector’s item one day though!

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