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Keen to upgrade to an iPad Mini or new generation of iPad? Maybe you simply aren’t using your iPad as much as you expected to?

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There are several recycling companies in the UK who offer to recycle your iPad so you have lots of options. However they all offer different prices so it’s very important to compare the different deals on offer to make sure you get the most cash for your iPad as possible.

How do I make sure I get the best price for recycling my iPad?

To compare iPad recycling prices from the UK’s major recycling companies simply use our free and impartial iPad recycling price comparison tool below:


  • Select Apple as the brand
  • Choose the model of your iPad including the memory size, version and whether or not it is WiFi only or WiFi with 3G/4G- e.g. iPad 2 32GB Wifi Only, iPad 1 64GB 3G
  • Click on ‘Compare Recycling Prices’ and a price comparison table will appear, showing you the best iPad recycling prices on offer. Easy!

Popular iPads

Recycle iPad 1iPad 1 Recycle iPad 2iPad 2
Recycle iPad 1 16GB Wifi Only Recycle iPad 2 16GB Wifi Only
Recycle iPad 1 16GB 3G Recycle iPad 2 16GB 3G
Recycle iPad 1 32GB Wifi Only Recycle iPad 2 32GB Wifi Only
Recycle iPad 1 32GB 3G Recycle iPad 2 32GB 3G
Recycle iPad 1 64GB Wifi Only Recycle iPad 2 64GB Wifi Only
Recycle iPad 1 64GB 3G Recycle iPad 2 64GB 3G

Tips for iPad Recycling:

  1. Make sure you choose the correct model of iPad, especially the memory size (e.g. 16GB, 32GB or 64GB).
  2. Remember that broken or damaged iPads won’t get the full price, but most companies will offer a lower, non-working price.

Recycle your iPad

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