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So why should you recycle your mobile phone? How do you benefit? Is it really good for the environment? Here are the facts…

There are a number of reasons why should recycle your mobile (or other gadget). You may receive cash, vouchers, points on a loyalty card, or some other benefit which is always a good thing. The money it generates could also help a charity if you choose to donate to one of their schemes.

On average we upgrade our phones once every 2 years and with 70 million Pay as you go and contract mobiles registered in the UK (some of us have two phones on the go for work and personal use) there’s clearly a huge amount of phones being thrown away or stuffed in cupboards each year.  Why not make some money from your old mobile?

And what about the Environment? Mobile phones are very durable and with a quick service or simple refurbishment can either be used again in the UK or in less developed countries.  If a mobile phone is beyond repair they can be taken apart to be used for spare parts and any harmful chemicals and materials are safely disposed of or recycled.

So recycling your mobile can make you cash and make you feel good about doing your bit for the environment!

And how much cash can I make from mobile phone recycling?

The amount of cash you get for your mobile varies according to the make & model of you phone and it’s age so you need to do your homework to get the best price. For example, at time of writing an iPhone 3G  S 32GB can earn around £256 in good working condition, a Sony Ericsson W995 could make £94, a Nokia N97 could fetch around £170, and a Blackberry Storm 9520 could be as much as £120. On the flipside, a Nokia 3310 (didn’t we all have one!) is only worth £1 – but you should still do your bit for the environment rather than sling it in the bit!

Instead of cash, you could also receive vouchers from companies such as Argos. The amount wont be the same as the cash amount.

Check how much you cash you can earn from recycling your mobile by using the tool on the left of this page.

So how does mobile phone recycling work?

Mobile phone recycling is really simple. The most difficult part will probably be which option to take – money for you or money for charity? Once you’ve decided this, each company or charity will give instructions of how to get your gadget to them. This could be by sending in the post, dropping the phone off in a shop or, with larger collections, a courier can come to you to collect for free. There’s further details of the process on the charity mobile phone page.

How do I make sure I get the best price for recycling my Mobile Phone?

To compare mobile phone recycling prices from the UK’s major recycling companies simply use our free and impartial mobile recycling price comparison tool below:


  • Select the brand of your phone
  • Choose the model of your mobile phone including the memory size and version – e.g. iPhone 4 16GB
  • Click on the ‘Compare Recycling Prices’ button and a price comparison table will appear, showing you the best mobile phone recycling prices on offer. Easy!

(Tip: if you don’t know the exact model of your mobile try selecting a couple of different models and you’ll see a photo of the phone to compare against)

What happens to recycled mobile phones?

There are a number of things that can happen to your old mobile. The first option is whether the phone can be reused as it is. If so, it will be refurbished and then either used as a replacement phone in the UK or forwarded to another country – in Eastern Europe or Africa for example – and distributed.

If a mobile phone is beyond repair it can be taken apart to be used for spare parts and any harmful chemicals and materials are safely disposed of or recycled. Metal components will be melted, batteries will be sent to companies specialising in breaking them down and metal is removed from the chargers. This minimizes the impact on the environment.

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