Compare Gadget and Mobile Phone Recycling Prices

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Did you know that different recycling companies will offer you different prices for iPod, mobile phone or camera? Yep, the prices on offer can vary by as much as £57* between recycling companies!

Gadget Recycling Price Comparison Tool


  • Select the type of gadget. e.g. Camera, iPod
  • Select brand of your gadget. e.g. Apple, Samsung, Asus, Tom Tom.
  • Choose the model of your gadget including the memory size, version and so on. e.g. iPad 2 16GB WiFi and 3G, Sony PSP Go.
  • Click on ‘Compare Recycling Prices’ and a price comparison table will appear, showing you the best recycling prices on offer for your gadget. It’s that easy!

Hints and Tips for Recycling your Gadget

How can I make sure i get the best price for recycling my camera, phone or iPod?

Just like when you buy your iPod, mobile or sat nav in the first place you need to shop around to get the best offer – research is the key. You need to find all the offers in the market and compare the best prices to make sure you get the best deal.

At Recycle Your Gadget we’ve built an impartial, easy to use price comparison service that let’s you compare the latest prices from the UK’s biggest recycling companies for mobile phonesiPods, iPads, cameras and sat nav games consoles. Simply select the type, brand and model of the product you want to recycle and hit the ‘Compare Recycling Prices’ button see how much you can make!

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*Difference between the top and bottom prices offered for an iPhone 3GS 32GB on 27 Dec 2011

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